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Artist Bio:
Artist, Jourdean S. Lorah was born (1959) and raised in Washington, D.C. At an early age she was mentored by an artist, George B. Speidel from the Corcoran Art Gallery in Washington, D.C. This mentor ship included drawing, painting, sculpture, and the use of various art materials for development. At the age of seven Jourdean was photographed at random under her family name, �Jody� in Glover Park. The random photography is on a reel in The Martin Luther King Library in Washington, D.C.

During Ms. Lorah's teen years she was trained to be a model both formally on the runway and informally in the department stores. Her achievements in physical performance as a majorette was through the NBTA individual competition as well as group corp training.

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Jourdean Sarah Lorah
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